Do you feel a hum inside of you, singing the tune of ‘what if?

What if there’s more meant for me in life?

What if life had more to give me then what I am experiencing right now?

What if I could reach my highest potential?

What would that look like, taste like, feel like?

To be the best version of yourself…

Have you not been able to conjure up the bravery to step into the unknown?

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the right program, right tools, right course, right person to guide you through it?

Are you open to the mystical and do you have a rebellious streak?

If so keep scrolling…

My passion is to teach people how to access their higher knowing, their intuition, their inner compass, and share life changing navigational tools they can use to move through life with ease, grace and power.

I have found that in this modern world we have been conditioned to trust other ‘authorities’ over our own and it has numbed us to what our feeling and physical bodies need. Leading to burn out, stress and dysfunction in the way we live our lives and in our relationships.

I do not present answers to you, I present navigational tools and guidance.

See, I believe that you have all the answers you need within you, so what I do is reacquaint you with the part of yourself who knows, I teach you how to listen and see yourself again.

How to love and honor yourself.

There is incredible wisdom inside of you and you may never have had the chance to experience this part of you before. Maybe you’ve had a glimpse or a flicker but this part of you is real and is waiting to reveal itself to you so that you can shine and get what you want out of life.

How to live sustainabley in your relationships, work and personal goals.

I show you how to honor yourself in your present state while simultaneously moving towards your goal.

I help you to reframe your beliefs and values so that they serve your highest purpose.

You see most of us walk around in a see- saw state, we have a goal/ aspiration/ dream, but we also have beliefs and values which conflict with what we’re trying to achieve. What I do is help you to identify where you’re standing in your own way and re-frame with grace and openness.

I am who you need me to be in this journey into yourself, I can be the teacher and share with you the frameworks and systems that have changed my life or I can be your friend and walk alongside you through this process.

I can play hard ball and keep you accountable or I can hold your hand and nurture you into your growth.

I can play at all polarities, i can be anything and all that you need me to be at anyone time.

I work with people who are ready to look at their shadows, take ownership of their life and step into creator-ship over the world around them.

People who are ready to live their life in alignment with their heart and do the work to get there.

If you are interested in working with me you can book in for a no obligation 15 minute consultation call where we can talk about what your looking for determine whether we’re a good fit for each other.

If you would like to learn more about me you can look at About Me.

If you’re interested in the material I teach, check out Content where there’s a link to my show Threads of Consciousness and other articles I’ve created.